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Designed from the ground up for the dedicated female cyclist, Ale's Women's Future Bib Shorts represent the future of performance cycle wear. With their compressive fit and high-quality seat pad, you'll never have been so comfortable on the sa


Beginning with Aero G.250 fabric, Ale has engineered the Women's Future Bib Shorts to be incredibly comfortable no matter the distance or speed you ride. This highly compressive fabric stimulates the muscles as you pedal, enhancing blood flow and helping you push the boundaries of endurance further and further out. It's golf ball style aerodynamics also results in reduced drag, saving precious energy for the long haul. Ale also employs e1 Absorption knitted fabric to deliver an incredible level of sweat-wicking, leaving you perfectly dry no matter how hard the exertion of your ride.

The Ale design team have also focused in on the all-important details to deliver comfort. First comes the raw cut 'Zero Friction' bib straps, with elastic bonded seams - they're incredibly flexible and soft against the skin and in use, you should barely know they're there and yet they provide the perfect level of support. Next is the Evo Stability System, these highly elastic second skin leg hems hold firm, gently compressing the thigh while not exerting excess pressure. These are details that should be unnoticeable when riding - just how it should be - but are vital for luxurious comfort.

The last piece in the comfort puzzle is the seat pad and here you'll find Ale's renowned women's specific W4HF seat pad. Constructed with an elastic microfiber and anatomically shaped to suit women riders it allows for the utmost freedom of movement, ideally suited to medium to long-distance training rides and racing. The support is strategically positioned in the key saddle contact points, 90 kg/cm² density padding in the perineal and ischiatic area, making for an incredibly comfortable feel.

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