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The extremely light, nearly not noticeable glasses with open frame are especially suited for running or biking activities. Thanks to adjustable inclination it fits like a glove - and seems as light as a feather in outdoor sports with its delicately crafted frame and highly sporty design. With photochromic Varioflex lenses.

The multiple inclination adjustable temple joints optimize the adaption: tilting the glasses to the forehead provides protection from draft, tilting them away from the forehead avoids fogging. The stepless rotatable nosepads enables the adaption to any nose form. The strongly convexed lenses surround the face. They offer protection from draft and coldness and provide an improved view. The indirect air vent avoids fogging of the lenses.

TheVarioflex Black lenses adapt perfectly to changing light conditions. They offer best view from bright to medium light and frequently changing light conditions.

Optimized Airflow: Heavily curved lenses in combination with indirect air flow channeling assure vision that is not impaired by draft or fogging.

2 Comp Design: The combination of a hard frame and soft materials at the contact points - the nose, forehead, temples and ears - improves fit and comfort.

Adaptable Nosepads: The cold-moldable nose pads can be individually adjusted to suit any nose width. This ensures perfect fit without pressure points.

Adjustable Inclination: A small joint with a big effect: The adjustable articulated side pieces can tilt the glasses away from the forehead: The consequence: better ventilation and less fogging. When tilted towards forehead there is less draught.

Varioflex: breakresistant, 100% UV-A-,-B-,-C-protection up to 400nm, hardcoated, automatic adjustment of the lens tint to the brilliance of the surroundings.
Priser fra: 235 til 314 DKK

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