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GoPro Hero 3 Plus Camera Silver Edition | Kameraer
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Smaller, lighter and mightier

The Hero3+ Silver Edition is 15% smaller and lighter than it's best selling predecessor Hero 3 while delivering up to twice the power.The result is a wearable, versatile camera that can capture professional quality footage at resolutions up to 1080p and take gorgeous photos at 10MP. Add faster Wi-Fi connectivity, enhanced low light performance and a 30% longer battery life the Hero3+ Silver Edition makes capturing and sharing life's special moments easier than ever before.

Professional video quality

Stunning action footage is easy to capture. The GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition has amazing video clarity with high resolution modes including:

  • 1080p at 60fps
  • 720p at 120fps

The GoPro provides professional quality footage and liquid smooth slow motion playback with drastically improved low light performance.

Powerful photo capture

The GoPro 3 Silver plus edition Capture photos at 10MP still at up to 10 frames a second, perfect for those fast-action sequences. Add a Time Lapse mode for automatic photo capture at 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 second intervals and you have the ideal do-it-all action camera

New Auto Low Light mode

Get the best footage in any conditions with the GoPro Hero3+ Silver's Auto Low Light function that intelligently changes frame rates based on available lighting conditions so you can duck and weave through trees while shooting impressive low light action.

Sharper images, less distortion

The lens on the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition allows crisper, clearer footage through the combination of a all new lenses that provides 33% increase in image sharpness and up to 2x the reduction in imaging artefacts compared to the Hero 3 Silver. The result is some of the best footage you'll ever capture.


Sound quality is just as important as image quality, the Hero3+ Silver features improved audio performance, capturing even the most subtle of sounds compared to the Hero 3. Whether you're recording the roar of an engine, music of voices the Hero3+ picks it all up with crystal clarity. Add advanbced wind-noise reduction technology and you have the clearest sound available during high speed activities.

30% Longer Battery Life

Go longer and capture more with the Hero3+ Silver's 30% increased battery life compared to the Hero 3.

Control, View and share - now up to 4x faster!

With up to 4x faster connectivity to the GoPro App, you can preview all the action in near real-time while sharing your photos and videos faster than ever. GoPro's new App makes is simple to control your camera remotely with your smartphone or tablet, you can even preview, plat back and share your favourite shots via email, text, Facebook, Instagram and more. Enhanced connectivity to the Wi-Fi Remote (sold separately) enables control of up to 50 cameras from distances of up to 180m.

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