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park tools Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit

KIT INCLUDES: BBT-9 Bottom Bracket Tool for 16-Notch External Bearing Cups ...

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silca Pista Floor Pump and Travel Bag

The Silca Pista Floor Pump and Travel Bag, is a modern floor pump with beautiful aesthetics, and som...

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pro Reperationstativ

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silca Impero Ultimate Frame Pump

SILCA IMPERO ULTIMATE FRAME PUMP In 2015, we relaunched the Impero Ult...

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specialized Air Tool Expert Floor Pump

Introducing the Specialized Air Tool Expert Floor Pump. This high performance floor pump is tough, d...

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topeak Prepstand Max Workstand

The Topeak Prepstand Max Workstand is a lightweight, easy to use, folding stand for home use. Perfec...

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sks Airmenius Floor Pump

Introducing the award winning SKS Airmenius track pump which combines high quality materials with pr...

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sks Airbase Pro

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lezyne Travel Floor Drive Track Pump

The Lezyne Travel Floor Drive Track Pump is the ultimate lightweight travel floor pump with all the ...

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syncros SP1.0 Digital Shock Pump

Syncros SP1.0 Digital Shock Pump Syncros' shock pump is precision cra...

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topeak Prepstand Max Workstand Ex-Demo

Prepstand Max Workstand (Ex-Demo). This is an ex display Workstand which has some minor cosmetic mar...

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fox Racing Shox High Pressure Digital Shock Pump

The Fox Racing Shox High Pressure Digital Shock Pump is the ideal companion for your Fox Shocks! Fox...

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enduro Specialized 2009 SL Bolt Kit

Specialized Bolt Kit 9897-5160 will fit the following bikes: 2007 Enduro SL

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bmc Fourstroke and Supertrail Bolt Kit

This is the BMC Fourstroke and Supertrail Bolt Kit. Genuine BMC replacement bolts. Compatible with t...

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fwe Compact Folding Workstand

The new FWE Compact Folding Workstand has been redesigned to be more feature rich, more stable and e...

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FWE 2-15 Nm Torque Wrench Set With Extender Bar

The FWE Professional 2 - 15Nm Torque Wrench Set is a high quality, accurate dial adjustable torque w...

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syncros SP2.0 Shock Pump

Syncros SP2.0 Shock Pump Syncros' shock pump is precision crafted to ...

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pedros Apprentice Chain Tool

Introducing the Pedros Apprentice Chain Tool, a workhorse designed to make chain removal, installati...

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topeak Joe Blow Turbo Track Pump

Topeak Joe Blow Turbo Track Pump has a large elevated gauge, SmartHead connector, extra-long hose, a...

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lezyne Steel Travel Floor Drive Track Pump

The Lezyne Steel Travel Floor Drive Track Pump is a compact floor pump with all the capabilities of ...

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FWE Mini Torque Wrench With 4 5 6 Nm Sleeves Hex-T25 Bits And Travel Pod Case

The FWE mini torque wrench is the most versatile and handy tools we have in the range. The set compr...

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brooks MT21 Multi Tool

The Brooks MT21 is the bigger brother to the Brooks MT10. This compact and stylish looking multi-too...

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lezyne Macro Floor Drive Digital

Introducing the Lezyne Macro Floor Drive with a Digital Gauge, a durable pump with an ultra-rigid co...

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fabric Megabar Mini Pump

The Fabric Megabar Mini Pump is a compact, good looking and a handy pump to own. An attractive addit...

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lezyne Classic Floor Drive

Introducing the Lezyne Classic Floor Drive 2017. Constructed from a durable CNC machined aluminium, ...

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specialized 2011 Stumpjumper FSR Bolt Kit

Specialized Bolt Kit will fit the following bikes: 2010 Stumpjumper FSR Carbon ...

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lezyne Steel Floor Drive

The Lezyne Steel Floor Drive 2017 is constructed from CNC machined aluminium and featuring a varnish...

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specialized Air Tool CO2 Mini Pump

Introducing the Specialized Air Road Tool C02 mini Pump. This compact road Air Tool provides the spe...

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lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV

The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV 2017, brings floor pump efficiency in a super compact, hand pump siz...

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topeak Pocket Shock DXG Pump

The Topeak Pocket Shock DXG Pump, 2018 version, is a precision fork and pump with an easy-to-read di...

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silca Tredici Italian Army Knife


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specialized EMT Cage MTB Multi Tool

Conveniently attach this emergency multi tool to any bike with a SWAT technology compati...

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Pro Kabeltang

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feedback sports Chain Pin Press

The Feedback Sports Chain Pin Press, cast steel and easy to use, it’s the ideal companion for your...

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lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP

The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP 2017, brings floor pump efficiency in a super compact, hand pump siz...

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topeak Joe Blow Sprint

The Topeak Joe Blow Sprint is fast and easy to use, giving you great performance. It features a long...

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cube HPA Floor Pump

CUBE HPA FLOOR PUMP Presta and Schrader valve head with quick release ...

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lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV Pump W Gauge

The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV Pump is a compact HV pump design that brings floor pump function and...

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unior Kædeskiller

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fabric Accubar Gauge

Introducing the Fabric Accubar Gauge, you can take on the trails with confidence, knowing that you c...

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lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP Pump

The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP Pump is a compact HP pump design that brings floor pump function and...

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MT minipumpe

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topeak Joe Blow Fatpump 15PSI

The Topeak Joe Blow Fatpump is specifically designed for low pressure fat bike tyres. The massive ov...

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lezyne Drive V2 ABS Mini Pump

The Lezyne Road Drive V2 ABS Mini Pump is made entirely of aluminium for precise and lightweight con...

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topeak Joe Blow Race Track Pump

Introducing the Topeak Joe Blow Race Track Pump. A quick and simple pump to use with the versatile c...

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specialized Top Cap Chain Tool

Never go for a ride without a chain tool again! The only top cap system that doubles as ...

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unior Tools Steel Cable Cutter

The Unior Tools Steel Cable Cutter is used for cutting brake cables up to a diameter of 1.65 mm and ...

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syncros HP1.5 Mini-Pump

Syncros HP1.5 Mini-Pump The HP1.5 Pump is a high pressure specific mo...

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lezyne V10 Multi Tool

The Lezyne V10 Multi Tool with center-pivot, forged and CNC-cut chrome vanadium parts and CNC-machin...

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Park CT3.2 Chain tool for 5-11 and single speed chains

The Park Tools CT3.2 Chain Tool is a workshop favourite that can assist with the removal and install...

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feedback sports Cable Cutter

The Feedback Sports Cable Cutter is a modern, easy to use tool for use during bike assembly, for a m...

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norco Aurum Linkarm Upper Shock Pivot Bolt Kit

This is a genuine replacement Norco 2013 Aurum Linkarm Upper Shock Pivot Bolt Kit. This will kit fit...

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topeak Joe Blow Sport II Ex-Demo Ex-Display

Joe Blow Sport II (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display). This is an ex display pump which has some minor cosmetic m...

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specialized Air Tool MTB Pump

The Specialized Air Tool MTB Pump is a great addition to your mountain biking kit . The large volume...

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lezyne RAP 20 Multitool

The Lezyne RAP 20 Multi-tool is a functional and traditional style multi-tool with ergonomic side pl...

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topeak Joe Blow Max HP Track Pump

The Topeak Joe Blow Max HP Track Pump is quality floor pump, perfect for high pressures up to 160psi...

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lezyne Pressure Drive V2 ABS Mini Pump

The Lezyne Pressure Drive V2 ABS Mini Pump is a compact HP hand pump made of 100% custom CNC-machine...

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pedros BB Wrench Shimano Dura Ace XTR

Having the right tool for the job is essential when working on modern bicycles. Pedro's flat wrenche...

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fabric Microbar Mini Pump

The Fabric Microbar Mini Pump is a portable hand pump that will help you off the side of the road wi...

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fabric Millibar Mini Pump

The Fabric Millibar Mini Pump is a great partner to have with you when you are shredding your favour...

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unior Tools Pedal Wrench Profi 15

The Unior Pedal Wrench - Profi 15 has two 15 mm openings set at offset angles to easily remove pedal...

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park tools CT6.3 Chain Tool

Our neatest and most compact chain tool, perfect for mountain, road or commuting use

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park tools Home Mechanic Floor Pump

Economical, durable and versatile, the PFP-8 is the successor to the best selling PFP-6 and ...

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topeak Ninja C Chain Tool

The Ninja C chain tool stores inside your handlebar to keep the uncluttered lines of your bike, yet ...

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beto Dual fodpumpe

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specialized EMT Sport Multi Tool

The Specialized EMT Sport Multi Tool is a lightweight, pocket-sized road tool with all the essential...

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norco Sight Killer-B Lower Shock Bolt Kit

This is a genuine replacement Norco 2013 Sight Killer-B Lower Shock Bolt. This bolt is designed to f...

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Park Chain Whip

The workshop quality, Park Chain Whip, is for removal and installation of Shimano HG cassettes. A to...

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topeak SmartHead Upgrade Kit

Topeak SmartHead Upgrade Kit replaces existing floor pump head and hose with Topeak's unique SmartHe...

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bianchi ALU Mini Pump

Barrel | Aluminum CNC machined Handle | Aluminum CNC machined Head | Alumi...

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topeak CO2bra CO2 Inflator

The pocket-sized CO2-Bra inflator features an easy-to-grip ergonomic handle and flip-up thumb lever ...

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lezyne HV Drive Mini Pump

The Lezyne HV Drive Mini Pump is the greatest value HV hand pump equipped with the versatile ABS Fle...

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topeak Link 11 Folding Chain Tool

This is the Topeak Link 11 Folding Chain Tool. Ideal for putting in your saddle bag, this compact, s...

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Pieper fodpumpe

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Park PW3 Pedal Wrench 15mm and 9 16 inch

The Park Tool PW3 Pedal Wrench 15mm and 9/16 inch, is a versatile pedal wrench for regular shop use,...

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topeak Torq Wrench Bit Set 5 5Nm W 4 Bits

The Topeak Torq Wrench set is a simple and easy to use compact torque wrench. When it comes to tight...

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FWE Micro MTB Pump

Introducing the F.W.E Micro MTB Pump. This small and compact hand pump is essential if you are going...

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zefal Air Profil Telescopic Mini Pump XL

The Zefal Air Profil Telescopic Road Mini Pump – XL, packs a huge amount of pumping, into a simple...

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cube Smart Tool

Material - Frame: forged Alloy Bits: chrome vanadium Steel Weight 98 g Featu...

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birzman M-Torque 4 Multi Tool

The Birzman M-Torque 4 Multi Tool has the precision of a torque wrench at your fingertips whenever y...

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topeak Tool Tray

Keep those shop tools close at hand with the neat Topeak Tool Tray. A variety of tool and parts hold...

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box RFR 12 Multi Tool

RFR 12 MULTI TOOL Compact mulit tool with 12 functions. The tool inclu...

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syncros Boundary 2.0HP Mini-Pump

Syncros Boundary 2.0HP Mini-Pump The Boundary 2.0HP is a dedicated hi...

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fabric Chain Tool Mini Tool

The Fabric Chain Tool Mini Tool is a compact chain tool that is ideal to take with you on race day, ...

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feedback sports 15mm Pedal Combo Wrench

Introducing the 15mm Pedal Combo Wrench which is constructed from Forged Steel for long lasting dura...

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lezyne Trigger Drive CO2 Inflator

The Lezyne Trigger Drive CO2 Inflator uses a triggered operation for precise inflation. Made from CN...

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lezyne Trigger Speed Drive CO2

The Lezyne Trigger Speed Drive CO2 is a CNC machined Aluminium dispenser with brass internals. The t...

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park tools Chain Scrubber

When a tool is this easy to use, there is no reason not to keep your chain clean at all time...

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topeak Super Chain Tool

Suitable for use on any chain up to 10speed. The Topeak Super Chain Tool includes 5/6mm allen keys a...

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lezyne Torx Block Multi Tool

The Lezyne Torx Block Multi Tool has a 1-piece CNC machined aluminium handle-body. Includes: T6, T7,...

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Flynt MT.8 Multi Tool

The Flynt MT.8 Multi Tool is made from CNC finished CR-V steel, with a dark nickel finish. There’s...

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lezyne Drive Alloy Cage

The Lezyne Road Drive Alloy Cage is designed to work in conjunction with the Lezyne Road Drive pumps...

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fwe Single Speed Chain Tool

Introducing the F.W.E Single Speed Chain Tool. Having a chain tool in your shed or garage is almost ...

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park tools I-Beam 1 Mini Multi Tool

A premium tool that combines the functionality of the trusty IB-1 but is lighter and mor...

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Aftrækker TL-LR

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unior Tools Shimano Bottom Bracket Tool

The Unior Tools Shimano Bottom Bracket Tool is made for the installation and removal of XTR and Dura...

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topeak Duohex Wrench Set 7 Tools

Introducing the Topeak Duohex Wrench Set. This set of Duohex Wrenches comes with 7 different sizes, ...

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hiplok Flipstand Work Stand

Introducing the Hiplok Flipstand, a unique bike stand that helps protect and stabilize your bike whe...

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fwe CO2 Inflator With One 16 Gm Co2 Cartridges

The FWE inflator head controls the flow of Co2 from the canister by simply pressing the spring loade...

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bbb Pedalnøgle

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unior Tools Basic Chain Tool

The Unior Tools Basic Chain Tool is intended for both professionals and enthusiast users. The simple...

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topeak Pressure-Rite connector

The Topeak Pressure-Rite connector is an anti-air loss connector essential for air spring forks/shoc...

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Parktool AWS-10

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birzman Zacoo Mini Pump 12cm

One of the world's most compact mini pumps, the Zacoo Mini is ideal for riders with minimal stor...

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topeak Hexus II Multi-Tool Ex-Demo Ex-Display

Hexus II Multi-Tool (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display). This is a ex display tool which has some minor cosmetic ...

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unior Tools Three-Legged Torx Wrench

The Unior Tools Three-Legged Torx Wrench is used for tightening and unscrewing screws with Torx-shap...

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topeak Pressure Rite Shock Adapter With Release

The Topeak Pressure Rite Shock Adapter is an Anti-air loss connector essential for air spring forks/...

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fwe Aluminium Mini Pump

Introducing the F.W.E Mini Pump. Whether you are a Road cyclist or Bmxer getting a puncture is the s...

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bontrager Folding Hex Multi Tool

The Bontrager Folding Hex Mutli Tool, is light weight and compact, ideal to slip inside your saddleb...

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fwe 9 in 1 Multi Tool

Introducing the F.W.E 9 in 1 Multi Tool. Having a multi tool on you whilst out on a ride is importan...

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fwe 8 Adjustable Wrench

The FWE 8'' adjustable wrench is made from chrome plated drop forged steel, with laser etched measur...

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cannondale Multi 6 Tool

A versatile 6 piece multi tool with rounded sides. Cannondale's handy multi tool. 3 ...

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bontrager Speed Concept Race X Lite Riser Bolt Kit

Replacement Speed Concept Race X Lite Riser Bolt Kit for the Speed Concept 9 Series and the 2012 Bon...

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unior Tools Pedal Wrench 15mm

The Unior Tools Pedal Wrench - 15mm is intended for quick, simple effective assembly and disassembly...

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Park 3 Way Torx Wrench

The Park Tool 3 Way Torx Wrench provides a selection of essential Torx wrenches in a convenient pack...

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sks CO2 Patroner

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topeak Mini 6 Multi Tool Long

The Topeak Mini 6 Multi Tool is a longer one piece, ultra-light folding tool for increased leverage....

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topeak Universal Chain Tool

Topeak Universal Chain Tool is a great durable, high quality chain tool. Proven to be reliable and h...

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lezyne 3 Way Spoke Wrench 3.23 3.30 3.45mm

High strength forged Lezyne 3 Way Spoke Wrench with 3 integrated wrench sizes designed for heavyduty...

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topeak Super Chain Tool Ex-Demo Ex-Display

Super Chain Tool (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display). This is a ex display tool which has some minor cosmetic mar...

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Ramme pumpe

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topeak ZX Tooltray

The Topeak ZX Tooltray is a great add one to your Topeak Prepstand. This handy tool tray allows you ...

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park tools 8mm Hex Wrench

Specially designed for cranks, Freehubs and pedals the hex tool is built for speed, leve...

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pinnacle Shimano Steps Drive Unit Bolts

Replacement mounting bolts for Shimano Steps drive motor fitted to Pinnacle Lithium Ion 2016/17.

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fwe Transformer Series Shimano ISIS Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool Head

The FWE Transformer Series Shimano/ISIS Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool Head is made from a strong ste...

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fwe Transformer Series 15mm Pedal Spanner Head

The FWE Transformer Series 15mm Pedal Spanner Head is made from a strong steel that is durable and i...

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Co2 Patron 33g

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fabric Picobar Mini Pump

Fabric Picobar Mini Pump When you want a pump to do one thing well, call on the Picobar...

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