cube - Disc Brake Pads Avid Elixir

cube - Disc Brake Pads Avid Elixir
Prices from : 17 To 17 GBP
    These coverings have the reputation of a longer durability and a good hot braking response but also a high wear of the brake disc and a high vulnerability for noise generation. For use in the downhill or freeride field.
    • Good hot braking characteristics - braking force builds up quickly
    • Ideally suitable for freeride / downhill use
    • Fast and strong grip
    • Powerful
    • Mix of materials vulnerable to noise generation
    • Weight : 38g

    Abrasive substances of the 'organic' category consist of fibres, which can be gained from glas, rubber, carbon or Kevlar® and Twaron®. Furthermore, they consist of fillers and temperature-resistant synthetic or natural resin. These coverings are said to be softer, quieter, but they also have the reputation of fast wear and brake dust development. On top of that, especially after increased temperature levels, they develop a worse reaming performance. They are designed for the hobby and entry-level field.
    • Soft mix
    • Minimizes disturbing noise generation on vulnerable brake systems
    • Brake force builds up more slowly
    • Ideally suitable for the hobby and entry-level field
    • Faster wear than with sintered coating
    • Weight : 34g

    For kids
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    Brake pads