cube - SL Road 2018 - City Alu

cube - SL Road 2018 -  City Alu
Prices from : 608 To 705 GBP

Cycling in its purest form!

Simplicity defined: the SL Road is cycling in its purest form. CUBE have kitted out this bike with the best technology they could find, given it the sleekest looks their design team could come up with and, above all, equipped it with the potential for speed. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes mean you'll always be in control, so you can stop safely in all weathers. But less is sometimes more - and that's why the CUBE SL Road is so fast on Tarmac, whether it's on the daily commute or a training ride on country B-roads. Minimalist cool, and great value too. What more could you need?

CUBE have welded the SL Road's aluminium frame from extremely light double butted tubes, giving the best combination of low weight, superb strength and great ride quality. As you'd expect, it's passed all their in-house testing for safety and durability. For the lightweight aluminium fork's design, CUBE took the inspiration from their racing bikes - the aero shape is exceptionally stiff and looks fast even when the bike is standing still. CUBE also routed the cables inside the down tube, adding to the bike's sleek looks and reducing wear and tear in the process.

  • Aluminium Superlite - Extremely high tensile strength heat-treated 6061 aluminium alloy is developed for the highest requirements. It is very stiff, fatigue resistant, corrosion resistant and has high elongation. CUBE Superlite tubes are double butted, giving very light tubesets with a high level of stiffness.
  • Advanced Mechanical Forming - With the Advanced Mechanical Forming technology CUBE can mechanically transform different frame tubes and thus optimize them without material-wearing welding work for the respective requirements. Along the obtained organic look, the production method is primarily motivated by functional reasons. Multiple converted tubes enable CUBE to manufacture lighter and also stiffer aluminum frames.
  • Smooth Welded - This elaborate procedure with doubled weld seams has two advantages: On the one hand, it improves the firmness of the weld seams and minimizes the load peaks on the tube welds through energy flow and on the other hand, it helps the frame to a better and more organic look due to the smooth and hardly noticeable welds.
  • Easy Mount Kickstand - The Easy Mount Kick Stand is a new system developed and designed by CUBE. The base of the stand is mounted from below to a fitting plate integrated to the frame and fixed with a through bolt. This kick stand is extremely stiff and solid through the enlarged contact areas between base and frame which gives a stable stand even with loaded panniers.
  • Integrated Cable Routing - Internally routed cables offer many advantages. Cables are protected from dirt for longer life, weight is saved thanks to the absence of external housing and the bike has a clean, sleek appearance.
  • Wet Paint Surface - On polished, brushed aluminium and all HPC frames, the logos and graphics are applied in multi-layer wet paint. CUBE use this surface treatment technology mainly to save weight.
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Bike type
For kids
shimano claris
Electronic groupset
Shimano Claris FC-R2000
Aluminium Rigid Fork
Aluminium Superlite Crossroad Taper Double Butted
Frame material
Front derailleur
Shimano Claris FD-R2000-BM, 31.8 mm
Rear derailleur
Shimano Claris RD-R2000-SS, 8-speed
Shimano BR-M315 | Hydr. Disc Brake (160/160 mm)