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exposure - Joystick Front Light Plus Helmet Mount And Lanyard

exposure - Joystick Front Light Plus Helmet Mount And Lanyard
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Front lights

Exposure Joystick Front Lights are now in their seventh year having been in the Exposure range from the beginning. Small and compact the Joystick is ideally used as a helmet light- although its versatile enough to be used on the handlebars- as a hand held torch or even as a head mounted running light. The output has been raised by almost 25% and the addition of OMS makes this the brightest most comprehensive Joystick ever. The 2013 Exposure Joystick benefits from the new Optimum Mode Selector technology. OMS- Optimised Mode Selector is a new feature for 2013 and allows you to easily select from a concise number of programs to provide the optimum lighting for your ride. OMS programs enable you to obtain the lights full potential and optimise the output whether its a two hour trail burn or a week's commuting.

Cable Free Design (CFD)

A primary feature unique to Exposure Lights removes the hassle of cables and straps. Utilising the critically acclaimed Exposure Lights Helmet Mount.

Function button

3 colour Mode and Fuel Gauge indicator that doubles as the OMS display.

Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM)

Patented technology that combats the loss in efficiency of LEDs at elevated temperatures, maintaining optimum output keeping you shining 'Brighter for Longer'.

Smart Port Technology Plus (SPT+)

Patented technology that enables a wide range of accessories to be used; Additional rear lights, back-up power supplies, remote switches and even charging other USB devices direct from your light.

Collimated Lens Technology

Exposure Lights use these high-tech resin lenses which have been extensively researched. These lenses are specifically designed to maximise light collection from the LEDs and efficiently produce an optimum beam pattern for cycling ensuring no light is wasted.

Weatherproof Body

CNC machined aerospace grade aluminium body with efficient heat transfer design. Fully manufactured in the UK.

Gold Plated Charge Port

The charge port is gold plated for corrosion resistance, more efficient conductivity and it is sealed to a greater level adding protection to you light.

Storm Cap

The Smart Port in protected by a silicone cover to stop muddy gloves pushing dirt into the port.