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ortlieb - Sport Roller Free QL2.1 25L Pannier Pair

ortlieb - Sport Roller Free QL2.1 25L Pannier Pair
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Ortlieb's Sport Roller Free is the latest and greatest variation on the Sport Roller theme. Crafted from durable PVC Free fabric, the pannier is guaranteed to be your ultimate long lasting touring companion.

The Sport Roller's waterproof roll closure ensures that your food, equipment and essentials are safe from the elements as well as theft thanks to its waterproof properties. Thanks to its QL2.1 fitting, the Sport Roller Free can be mounted as quickly as it can be removed. Ortlieb have also got you covered when it comes to taking the Sport Roller Free off the rack as it comes with a convenient and comfortable shoulder strap, as well as being available in a number of stylish colours. Versatile, wear-resistant and waterproof, the Sport Roller Free is an item that everyone is guaranteed to see around towns and cities in the coming years, and it's clear why.

All of our Ortlieb products come with an incredible 5 Year Warranty!