shimano - Saint SL-M820 I-Spec Gearhåndtag højre 10-speed 2018

shimano - Saint SL-M820 I-Spec Gearhåndtag højre 10-speed 2018
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Rapidfire Plus
Rapidfire Plus is suitable for fast shifting. The rider can shift down up to three gear steps with one shift stroke.

The instant release switch replaces the two-step click and release process. An elegant appearance and high-quality technologies distinguish Shimano's new SLX. The brand-new mid-range group offers countless of the performance features that already distinguish its "big sister", the Deore XT, and combines them with an excellent price-performance ratio, extreme robustness and comprehensive versatility. Regardless of whether the gear is to be shifted upwards with a top standard rear derailleur or downwards with a low standard rear derailleur - a faster gear change is always a better gear change.

The release lever of a Rapidfire Plus gear lever is usually called trigger because it's pulled towards the handle like the trigger of a pistol. The release lever of the Rapidfire Plus gear lever can be operated in the same way. However, it can also be used to shift through thumb pressure.

In previous shifting systems, gear changes were faster in one direction than in the other. Choosing Top-Normal or Low-Normal always meant sacrificing switching speed in one direction in favour of the other. With Multi-Release, two gears can now be shifted with one lever operation. Result: The fastest possible gear change in both directions, regardless of the type of derailleur used.


  • less force required due to longer levers
  • custom index circuit
  • Shift lever type: Rapidfire Plus
  • Mounting: I-Spec B
  • Instant release: yes
  • Multi-release: yes
  • 2-way release: yes
  • Switch cable setting: yes
  • incl. shift cable
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