- Paul Components Canti Lever Brake Lever Right polished

 - Paul Components Canti Lever Brake Lever Right polished
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The Canti Lever is a short pull brake lever for use with short pull brakes like cantilevers, center pull brakes, and side pull caliper brakes.

These levers are compatible with all short-pull cable operated brakes. Paul Component recommend them for use with their Racer, Neo-Retro, Touring Canti, Mini-Moto or Short Pull Klamper brakes, but they work well paired with any road caliper brake, cantilever brake, or other short pull brake. (For a long pull brake lever, see Pauls Love Lever Compact or Love Lever 2.5.)
These levers are machined in house to exacting specifications. The pivot features a dual sealed cartridge bearing for the smoothest, stiffest brake lever you will ever use. Like all Paul components, these will be serviceable for a lifetime.
A 5 mm set screw in the side of the lever perch allows you to adjust the reach, setting the distance from the bar to the lever to fit your hands.
Barrel adjusters are included for fine-tuning your brakes and their oversized design and smooth shape makes it easy to adjust them by hand, even wearing thick winter gloves.
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