manitou - Mattoc 2 Pro 27.5 Inch Fork 160mm Tapered 15x100mm 2016

manitou - Mattoc 2 Pro 27.5 Inch Fork 160mm Tapered 15x100mm 2016
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The same excellent enduro fork as the original Mattoc, but improved in detail: the Manitou Mattoc Pro 2 replaces its predecessor and comes with improved optimizations. Not only technically but also in terms of price, the Mattoc Pro is one of a kind. A must have for every All Mountain or Enduro rider!

Features of the Manitou Mattoc 2 Pro:

MC 2 (Multi Control Compression)

The Shim based MC 2 (Multi Control Compression) damper offers hi- and low-speed compression adjustment options:

  • Low Speed Adjust
    The on-the-fly low speed sensitivity can be adjusted by the driver in exactly the right settings for excellent handling and pedaling efficiency. This function is also compatible with MILO remote controls.
  • High Speed Adjust
    The high speed adjuster allows the driver to fine-tune the sensitivity for harder terrain without sacrificing maximum traction and handling.

HBO (Hydraulic Bottom Out)

One of the Dorado's well-known functions is HBO (Hydraulic Bottom Out). The externally adjustable HBO allows the rider to adjust with higher progression in the last quarter for jumps independent of compression damping setup, spring pressure or rider weight.

Dual Chamber Dorado Air Spring

Another technology borrowed from Mattoc's big brother is the two-chamber Dorado Air Spring System. The moderately progressive air spring allows the fork to sensitively cushion fast shocks without any changes in the mid-stroke range.

HexLock SL

The Mattoc Pro is equipped with the patented HexLock axle system in the even lighter SL version, which increases rigidity, reduces static friction and is extremely easy to install thanks to a self-retracting mechanism.

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