easton - EC90 Aero 55 Clincher Front Wheel Clincher

easton - EC90 Aero 55 Clincher Front Wheel Clincher
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As light as a climbing wheel, faster than a TT wheel and stronger than a training wheel!
The all-new EC90 Aero 55 clincher front wheel absolutely blows the doors off of every race wheels on the market. Easton has combined the most aerodynamic road rim ever made to their durable new Echo hub; the result delivers the best attributes of any wheelset with zero compromise. Whether you’re an Ironman triathlete, a stage racer, a hill climber or a sprinter, this wheel is as good as it gets. The idea of needing an “arsenal” of wheels to suit different conditions is now obsolete. This is the one wheel that does it all. And does it extraordinarily well. Don’t take the manufacturers words for it—check out the results from our exhaustive wind tunnel testing. According to the manufacturer riding these wheels in a 40-kilometer time trial saves a whopping 14 seconds over the next fastest wheel. Riders concerned with finishing times and power output can’t afford not to buy these groundbreaking new wheels. These aren’t simply race-day only wheels, they’re built strong. Easton’s industry-leading carbon lay-up process provides smooth, consistent braking. Beside the proprietary 55mm deep Easton Carbon rim, a low spoke count (16) helps to make the EC90 Aero 55 a favorite wheel. Like every wheel in the Easton line, EC90 Aero 55 clinchers are entirely built by hand from start to finish and acoustically tuned. These wheels combine top-end materials, a methodical build and an advanced rim design. They are extraordinarily fast wheels that will roll true for years to come.

Every aspect of the new Easton Echo hubs were designed to improve bearing life, increase stiffness and cut weight. Easton hits the reset button and rethought every component: from the bearing architecture to the machining methods, spoke engagements, the angular contact bearings, the sealing methods, grease —the resulting hubs offers market-leading durability and power transfer.

Advice: Carbon rims can only be used with special carbon brake pads. Version depending pads are included in delivery.
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