ghost - SQUARE URBAN X 7.8 AL 28 Urbanbike with Belt Drive 2018 urban night - City Alu

ghost - SQUARE URBAN X 7.8 AL 28 Urbanbike with Belt Drive 2018 urban night -  City Alu
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Reliable, uncomplicated urban cruiser!

If Ghost's SQUARE Urban bike were a person, then they would probably be described as: A reliable, uncomplicated type. Someone who always has a solution for everything at the ready and will always remain in control. Someone who knows what he wants - and doesn’t give two hoots what the mainstream wants. Ghost's SQUARE comes in different versions, but throughout the range they have gone for a distinctive, high quality frame that hides all the cables. And since they put reliability above everything, Ghost are particularly proud to offer all models with a belt drive and the most reliable switching solutions on the market.

This Ghost bike is equipped with anGates Carbon belt drive, 11-speedShimano Alfine hub transmission (automatic),Ghost AL aluminium rigid fork, hydraulicShimano BR-M315 disc brakes,Rodi Excalibur XC rims andSupernova lighting system.

  • Platform product - Ghost's entire SQUARE line is based on the proprietary frame, which is designed down to the tiniest detail in-house. They have managed to combine functionality, stiffness and comfort, while getting rid of all superfluous elements. Streamlined, precise, efficient - and in all price ranges!
  • Ghost Urban rigid fork - Ghosts unique SQUARE fork is stiff, light and stylish: this is evident in the elegant detached brake mounts and hidden cable routing that give the bike its streamlined appearance.
  • Hub drive - The compact hub transmission is not only tucked away out of site; it is also properly shielded against dirt and much less sensitive and much less susceptible to wear.
  • Hub dynamo - The hub dynamos quietly and smoothly deliver a lot of energy for reliable lighting. Not only are they highly efficient; they are also robust and low-maintenance.
  • Extra-stiff mudguards - It’s even possible to optimise mudguards: Ghost's extremely stiff mudguard design mean they don’t need additional stanchions. This saves weight and also ensures a super-clean look.
  • Integrated rack for panniers - Don’t be fooled by the stylish exterior of Ghost's urban luggage rack: its design fits the minimalist look perfectly, but it is still exceptionally resistant. Panniers can also be fitted to the sides.
  • Integrated lighting - Minimalist design, maximum functionality: the cables for the high-quality lamps are completely out of sight and well-protected within the mudguard.
  • Integrated cable routing - Ghost firmly believe that beauty comes from within - especially when it brings out the outer beauty. However, the cables are not only hidden for aesthetic reasons in the specially designed down tube and mudguard; they are also better protected and remain easily accessible.
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Til børn
Elektronisk gear gruppe
Gates Carbon Drive S150
Ghost AL rigid fork
Shimano Alfine hub transmission | 11-speed
Shimano BR-M315 | hydr. disc brake (160/160 mm)