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northwave - Scorpius 2 SPD MTB Shoes

northwave - Scorpius 2 SPD MTB Shoes
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Product Description

The best-performing Scorpius ever. Packed with top-spec solutions like the thermowelded multilayer construction with no overlaps, SLW2 dial closure and triple- density Speedlight 3D sole to transfer full power to the pedals.
Key Features:
  • Speedlight 3D sole with 3 different densities gives efficient power transfer
  • Thermowelded Layer Construction combines multiple layers without overlaps reducing weight
  • Thermowelded reinforcements for additional protection
  • SLW2 dial plus extra strap: the only one with step by step and full release pressing a single button
  • Integrated heel system gives efficient retention

Speedlight 3D Carbon Sole Full carbon sole. The 3 carbon layers drastically reduce thickness while increasing stiffness. The AirFlow system prevents overheating of the sole and therefore the foot itself.
S.L.W 2 Closing System Maximum precision and usability. The side button offers dual functionality: press the button for micrometric release, or lift the button to instantly undo the shoe completely. The ergonomic shape of the ratchet base matches the shape of the foot for added comfort, while the size and minimized weight plus the outer soft-touch covering make it easier and better to grip. It features wires that harness the best technologies used in sailing, and can be easily replaced using the spare parts kit.
Integrated Heel System The new unibody construction of the uppers allowed to integrate an efficient hell retention system inside the structure,without the need of external elements. Same efficiency, reduced weight.
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