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GoPro Hero 1080p HD Action Camera

 - GoPro Hero 1080p HD Action Camera
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The GoPro Hero Action Cam makes it easier to capture and share your world. With its high quality 1080p and 720p video modes the Hero captures the same immersive footage that has made GoPro one of the best selling cameras in the world. New user-friendly modes including QuikCapture - which allows you to power on the Hero and start recording with a single press - and Burst Photo, the Hero is ready for capturing the action at any time. Its wearable weight and versatile selection of mounts combined with a rugged, waterproof housing lets you capture photos and videos anywhere, be a Hero.

The Hero may be GoPro's entry model but it still captures the same impressive footage as previous version, with the option of stunning 1080p or 720p at 60fps, the Hero is capable of taking professional-quality video at an a minimal price. An additional variety of photo capture options allows you to document the action in more ways than ever. With Time Lapse mode your Hero will automatically capture a photo every half-second, perfect for taking the ultimate action shot. Burst mode takes up to 5 photos in one second - perfect for capturing motion.

GoPro's Hero Cam does away with a separate case, the Hero features a rugged, all-in-one design that makes the camera waterproof up to 40m. This rugged construction is also built to withstand dirt, sand and nearly anything else you can throw at it. All this abuse resistant design weighs is 111g, while being ultra small and portable for low profile mounting practically anywhere.

Hero features the latest software improvements including SuperView, a GoPro exclusive video mode that captures more of the action with a wide-angle perspective. Auto Low Light mode lets the Hero do the thinking for you, intelligently changing frame rates based on lighting conditions for seamless low-light performance, perfect for ducking in and out of the woods without having to adjust your camera settings.

An ultra wide-angle glass lens provides optimal clarity for excellent close-range selfies and gear mounted shots giving a unique perspective of both you and your gear in a single shot. A built-in microphone captures audio of all your adventures from the hoots to crashing waves and everything in-between. The Skeleton Backdoor can be used during low-speed activities in dry, dirt-free environments for improved audio performance.

After capturing some impressive stuff you'll want to edit it down into an epic shred, with the free GoPro Studio software you can do more with your footage than ever before. Easily import your footage and create GoPro style videos to share with the world.

Included In The GoPro Hero Action Cam

Camera & Housing

Built-In Battery

Skeleton Backdoor

Curved Adhesive Mount

Flat Adhesive Mount

Quick Release Buckle

USB Cable